Bespoke Creative is a boutique furniture design and manufacturing company located in Burbank, California. We specialize in high quality bespoke furniture. We utilize our diverse backgrounds in art, design, and film-making to focus on material-driven, modern-inspired design. The company was founded in 2010 and has shown at the Bernhardt Studio at ICFF as well as has been featured in Dwell on Design and Core 77. In 2018, we expanded the business with the Modular Adaptive Furniture System™, a highly customizable, premium office collection that is also designed, assembled, and produced in Southern California.

The origin of the Modular Adaptive System

The Bespoke Creative Modular Adaptive furniture system was born from our desire to combine truly customizable storage furniture with low-volume modern manufacturing methods. Since we created our first products, we have striven to offer truly bespoke solutions to our clients. Initially, we achieved that goal by stacking very precisely-made custom components into full pieces. Then we moved into complex wood-working, either to precisely cut large wood surfaces or to generate 3-D routed molds for vacuum forming. As we grew into metalworking, we began to experiment with custom-milled components and pieces that – though seemingly expensive or difficult to achieve – were available to us because of our in-house manufacturing abilities. We used these techniques, for example, with the “Milled and Turned Bench.” We were able to turn and mill relatively complex components, that can be varied per customer requirements, and yet keep the costs at an acceptable level.


The MA system is rooted in that progression. It utilises custom-machined components and extrusions and relatively complex (in precision and layout) woodworking, arranged in a user-modifiable system. It is also worth noting that as most of the metal components are machined rather than cast, the system can be further adapted or evolve per the requirements of our clients.