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The Modular Adaptive furniture system was designed from the ground up in Los Angeles California to adapt to your space and storage requirements.  As it has no determined increment limit and can be ordered to fit any dimension and space. It is ideal for the home office, large or small spaces, or any place that requires a custom furniture solution at less cost.


As the principal elements of the system are plywood and metal this offers a wide variety of finishes and wood veneers. The use of these two materials also allows for much broader component configuration options. It can be made to suit almost any environment or desired storage use. It can be made to blend in or to stand out as a focus point, and at the same time be cheaper then a fully custom solution and a lot more mobile.


Every component can be replaced, and as few as possible of those components are proprietary. This means that anytime something is damaged or needs to be changed most of the time it can be done with locally sourced parts. The proprietary components are all manufactured in-house in Los Angeles and can be shipped overnight. The system can be shipped flat pack and is very easy to self-assemble.

3 Ways to purchase

Various modular adaptive configurations
Shop pre-configured

We offer a number of predifined configurations of the Modular Adaptive system. They can be ordered from our shop and can be specified in a number of standard laminates and veneers as well as 3 types of metal finishes. They can also be used as a starting point for customizing your own variation either by using our configurator or by contacting us.

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Configure your own

For an almost unlimited number of system options please use our configurator. It has a lot more options than our pre-determined layouts and can be used to define very specific dimensions and individual piece finishing options.

    Contact us directly

    The Modular Adaptive system is driven by complex 3D software and as such can be customized to your need very quickly. If you need a specific configuration, technical drawings, or even renders, we can generate those in a few hours.

    Custom Configurations

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    Modular Adaptive was developed as an individual line from the Bespoke Creative family of products that can be seen by clicking this link.

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