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The modular adaptive furniture system was designed in 2016. Its ultimate goal is to provide unlimited size and finishing options to the user. As the system is fabricated entirely in-house, the design professional can not only specify the look and dimensions of the system but also most of its core materials, and off the shelf components used in its construction. That ability to be modified extends all the way the the way the Modular Adaptive system is ordered, shipped and installed. Unlike any other modular storage solution the MA system is truly limitless in its variations.



Our Primary source for laminates is CPS Garten corporation out of Lake Forrest California. Their Website can be found here. They represent an extensive number of suppliers such as Chemetal, Treefrog, Lab Designs and Arpa. We can also source Formica brand laminates as well as more exotic types such as Fenix interiors. We have an extensive collection of samples that can be shipped to you.


GL Veneer is our main supplier for authentic wood veneers. Their website can be found here. As they are one of the main suppliers of wood veneers on the west coast and are located near our facility we have the capability to source sequential sheets for veneer matching over multiple panels as well as custom high end special order sheets such as burls and rare species.

Unlike other systems, we offer finishing options for the metal exoskeleton of the system. The primary metal is aluminum and it can be plated, anodized, polished and bead blasted to varying degrees. Those finishes can be combined to achieve the desired finish. Aluminum is also easy to recycle thus helping with the systems eco-friendliness.

The primary core material of the system is baltic birch plywood. This can be changed. If necessary we can use LEED credited cores such as those supplied by Columbia forest products (link to their website). Alternatively user application specific materials can be sourced. In addition to this laminate or veneer glue can be switched out to suit the end user specification.

The Modular Adaptive storage system uses standard 32mm system hardware and off the shelf components for levelers and pulls. The 32 mm system supplier is Blum, while the off the shelf components are sourced from large suppliers like McMaster Carr. This guarantees that non proprietary components and those that are more prone to failure can easily be replaced.

This also assures that the end user can specify their own components to fit with their available supply availability and also the desired look and feel of the system.

modular adaptive dimension gif

The Modular Adaptive system is the only storage solution that can be ordered to a size tolerance of 1/100th of an inch. It can be specified to fit any space or any object. Unlike other systems it has no predetermined increments. In addition to this, as all the dimension specific components are made by us we can adjust each component to fit the desires of the end user. We can add offsets to feet for skirting boards, place cable holes of any size or shape in to any wood component, or adjust the system to work with almost any other dimension requirement.

Modular Adaptive precision component

Services and Benefits

Numerous ways to order

As a design professional you have multiple ways to specify and order the system:

  • Use our configurator
  • Order pre-configured systems
  • Contact us directly
  • Or a variation of all the above

For quoting purposes we can provide you with technical drawings, 3D models, detailed parts lists, as well as shipping dimensions, over all weights. All of this can be generated within hours of the original RFQ.


The Modular Adaptive system uses Siemens NX to generate client requested designs, due to this each individual component as well as each layout is stored on our server and can be accessed at any time. This not only assures that we can easily replace and replicated damaged components but recreate any layout previously ordered by the client. This also makes revisions easy to generate and store to facilitate more revisions or to track their progression.

If necessary we can provide renderings of configured pieces in simple environments. If more complex renderings are required we can generate FBX files that can be used by your rendering professional to generate them.

Each individual model also has a supporting technical drawing usually stored as a PDF. If so required we can also generate DXF and DWG files.

Nightstand configuration 2 product image

The system can be shipped flat-packed, semi assembled or fully assembled. It can be split into any configuration of easy to assemble components that you desire for easy installation and as little downtime incurred at its final location.

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    California Designed and made

    As we are a small company we recognize the value of working with companies that are of the same size. This allows us to precisely monitor quality, control our delivery dates and ultimately participate tangibly in the success of others. We try to source all of our components, materials, and outside processes within Los Angeles county.


    Unlike other systems out there we machine the principal components ourselves. This not only assures quality and precision but also keeps stock volumes low and easily controllable. Machining also offer numerous advantages like easy modification of parts and introduction of relatively complex geometry and features.

    no waste

    Using complex manufacturing methods and local labor we are able to limit the amount of waste that the making of the system generates and control the use of harmful chemicals in its production. All of our aluminum is recycled. Our plywood uses no formaldehyde. And our finishing either uses water soluble glue or water soluble urethane.